May 25, 2009


Well. Since my last post, much has happened. The downstairs bathroom has been completed. I still need to hang a curtain and get the towel bars, tp holder and so on, but everything else is done. It turned out rather nice in my opinion. I think my girls like it too. . . Hannah was playing in there tonight. She was making food for momma on the dryer. Now, the only major things left inside to do is paint/trim and carpet in the family room and seal the walls and rafters in the basement. It's really good to finish projects inside.

In the last month we've also redone the roof, removed the rest of the shrub stumps, and, most recently, moved the brush pile that was left over from cutting down an Ash tree last October. The brush pile was a chore. It was bigger than Mobius (my truck). It took 3 trips to get rid of it all. I also got rid of some leftover wood from the deck and flower beds that I ripped up. The yard is now clean, nicely mowed, and awaiting landscaping--which will happen after we reside the house. Hannah and I even planted some grass tonight. We'll see how it grows in. It has been a busy month.

Now its time to think about the summer--camp, my niece's wedding at the end of June, and figuring out what I'm going to do for my wife on our 14th wedding anniversary.

Its time to rest now.