January 31, 2009

My Sweet Little One in Advertising

This is a picture of my daughter that our friend, Jackie, took last year. Hannah got to be a model for a seminar that Jackie was doing a seminar for area photographers on how to shoot children. Hannah had a fun day! This was one of the always amazing shots that Jackie took.

If you are ever in need of great photographer, check out Jackie and the whole Canfield Jenkins crew!

January 28, 2009

Mr. P Cartoon

I'm an avid fan/collector of Mr. Potatohead. This was in my yahoo cartoon section today. Funny, funny.

January 15, 2009

Ice On the Roof

Its been rather cold in MI. Actually, it's been cold everywhere. We've had more snow than normal. Not as much as up north in the UP, but for Lansing, we've had a ton. It's funny to hear people complaining about how cold it is and how tired they are of the snow. Hello people, you live in MI. Get over it.

I rather like the snow and cold. Snow and cold means long sleeves, sweatshirts, and coffee all day. If we're cold at home, it means my grannie blanket comes out. There's nothing like two layers of double polyester and some quilt batting to keep in the body warmth while snuggling on the couch with my girls.

One of the hazards of it being cold where we are at is mammoth icicles and ice dams. Our maintenance guy at church knocked down some of the dangerous ones today. One might say, "how can an icicle be dangerous?" Here's a picture of Frank, my boss, with the largest one from today. You be the judge.

I think Chris got fired shortly before this picture was taken because he brought this behemoth inside and laid it on Frank's floor while we were on a Speedway soda run.