June 14, 2007

The Mad Dash

It seems like every year after camp or a big event, I swear that things will be different the following year. I promise myself to be ahead of the game and organized like I've never been before so that the weeks before camp are not as painful as they always seem to be.

This past year, I again made such resolutions. Yet, with just a few days before heading off to camp, I find myself buried under things to do. I'm farther along than I normally end, which is a bonus. However, I'm still not where I always dream of being at this point. When will I ever learn?

One of the few good things about all of this is that I tend to do very well in last minute situations. I always remember back to my years at GLCC heading into Christmas with tons of things to do and Madrigals happening all at the same time. I remember life during the end of the semester times at seminary when I was living on little sleep because of papers, reading, and work. Those times were stressful and all, but they were endured and put behind me. Maybe I simply procrastinate so much because, subconsciously, I "like" being in the "do or die" type situations.

Nonetheless, the mad dash is on. Please pray for the upcoming weeks of camp and CIY I'll be participating in. Pray that God will move, even in our busy-ness.

June 4, 2007

The First Week of June

Wow. Where did the last few months go. I used to be good at this posting regularly thing, but not anymore. There are plenty of good thoughts in my head (or at least I think so), just no drive to type them out. Maybe some day soon I'll start blogging regularly again.

This is a big week for the church that I serve. We are hosting Frank Weller this weekend. He's giving his "trial sermon" this Sunday. Afterwards, the congregation will vote on him. My hope is that after the weekend is over, we have a new senior minister. We have had a great time of transition from Ron to now, with lots of vision and change. Now its time to look to the future!

Please keep South in your prayers as we venture forward. Also pray for the summer camp season, which is right around the corner. Thanks!