February 5, 2015


If you were to look at my calendar, you would see an event called PBJ scheduled every day. PBJ to me is not a sandwich, but Prayer, Bible, and Journaling. Others might call it their quiet time or devotional time. It is simply setting aside time each day to spend time in the Bible, to pray, and to journal.

One would think that me being a minister means I’m consistent–that this time is a given every day. Some may even think this is all we do as ministers. Boy, do I have you fooled. I am simply like everyone else. Some days my time is good and consistent. Sometimes, its horrible and lost amidst the busy and mundane.

I have struggled with making PBJ time most for most of my spiritual walk. I would do well with reading the Bible, but I would be horrible at a specific prayer time in my day. I would do well reading the Bible, but there would be days and week long gaps between when I wrote in my journal. I simply wasn’t good at making time and being disciplined. Isn’t that what we all struggle with?

This year I have made a purposeful effort to make more time. I’ve been purposeful to be more consistent and to put this time first in my day. There is an alarm set on my phone for 5:50am every week day. It goes off, and I argue with myself about getting up to spend time with God. I have been doing it for a little over a month now. I’ve had good weeks, and bad weeks. I’ve made at least three days each week.

Do I tell you this to say, “I’m better than everyone else?” Not at all! I partly say it so you can keep me accountable. You have every right to stop me some Sunday and ask, “How is PBJ going?” I’ll be honest and tell you if its good or if I’ve given into sleeping through the mornings.

I also tell you to hopefully encourage you. We are called to live our lives for God. To do that, we need to engage our hearts and minds with him–with his Kingdom. How do you do that? How do you make time to seek God every day? If you don’t, how do I help you start?

We have plenty of resources. I’d be more than happy to find you a journal to start in and give you some directions. If you need a Bible, we have plenty of those. You can even get them online for free. If you need a reading plan, we have those too. If you need a PBJ buddy–someone who will ask once in a while how it is going and how you are making space, just ask!

One more thing–I don’t simply get up at 5:50 each morning to have my PBJ time because it is a requirement or a checkbox I need to fill for my spiritual life. It is me making time to allow God to shape my day. It gives me time to read Scripture and see how others lived and interacted with God and his Kingdom. It gives me the chance to pray for those around me and to thank God for the day ahead. While it hasn’t been easy to get up each day, this last month has felt better. I feel better about who I am. I feel more focused on my ministry and how I am helping to lead you all to seek, study, and serve God. I don’t think that has been on accident.

I encourage you to make time for God. Lean in to Him and see what happens!