November 14, 2013


The other day when I was helping lead something here at the church, the idea of passion came to my mind.  I wrote the following thought on the page of to dos I was creating at that time:

What are we passionate about?  What if we were passionate about the Kingdom of God in ways that we are passionate about other things?  What if our passion was like God's, that he was so passioned to restore his creation that he would send is Son to die for it.

I want to throw away that piece of paper and I had to record what I wrote somewhere.  So, there it is. Maybe today as you stop by this blog, you will think about what you are passionate about.  What do you spend your time on?  What do you make time for?  That is your passion.  Does it line up with what God calls us to be as followers of Jesus? 

I know.  Its a hard question.  But, it is what God calls us to.