April 28, 2010

Awesome God and Guttural Sounds

Music in the life of my family has been a common thing.  Growing up, there was always music and musical instruments around me.  If it wasn't the radio blaring WHBC in the mornings when we were getting ready for school, it was my dad playing his guitar or his keyboards every night after a day in the factory.  Or, at the most in opportune times when I wanted to watch TV, my sister would be practicing for her piano lessons.  It all came naturally in my family passed from my father to my siblings and me. 

Music was also common in Steph's family.  Marching band music and a love for the radio and records were passed along to her from her parents and older brothers.  Her dad sang (and still sings) in the church choir - he and I sat nest togethe.  The music around her blossomed into a passion for music.  One example could be the hours upon hours she spent sitting and listening to her boom box trying to catch and record the latest chart topping hit.  (If you don't believe me, we still have the tapes around here to prove it, all neatly labeled in a box in the basement.)

Thus, its not a surprise that Hannah Grace is musical.  She's grown up being around my worship ministry at South - dancing to the music of many a worship rehearsal and always wanting her turn to play my guitar when I have it out practicing.  At home it is no different.  There is always something playing in the cd player, on the Comcast digital music stations, or in the car radio.  If Taylor Swift or some other song that her and her momma likes comes on, she blitzes across the room to crank the volume.  Or, if by the off chance the house is void of music, you will probably find Hannah on the floor playing with her dolls or whatever, singing away, as if they've been caught up in the most dramatic six year old opera ever produced.  Its really a beautiful thing.

Music is even part of our routine.  I think I've written at least once on this blog about the songs her and I sing each night before she goes to bed.  Its something we've done since she was able to.  Its a joy, even when I can't trick her into letting me sing the last word of the ABC's like I used to. It helps her (and me) to settle down and easily go to sleep.  Its something that I will miss when she outgrows it.

This week has been a new day for Hannah and her love of music.  It started on Sunday.  In Kidz Worship they sang Awesome God by Rich Mullins.  She's been singing it on and off since then.  Its extremely cute and touching, especially since I have a huge love/appreciation for Rich Mullin's music.  Its allowed us to have some cool conversations about who God is and how big He is.    

As I type out this post, I can't help but think of my friend Adam.  Adam is into communication.  Well.  That's not true.  He's beyond being into communication.  He's like a kid who just got a new video game when it comes to communication.  He's obsessed.  When someone new is around us who doesn't know Adam, I like to have him explain why he is so into communication.  At that moment, his eyes light up and twinkle and he gets a giddy smile on his face as he shares about the fascination he has of how people are able to make guttural sounds with their vocal chords and combine them with body language, emotion, and so on to converse and what not.  (I'm sure that is not as eloquent as Adam would have put it - that's why he's the communications guy and I play a guitar)  As he talks, his whole person glows with wonder.

As I sit here and write about how music has been a part of my life and how my daughter is learning to love it as I have loved it, I can't help but marvel at what music is and how it affects us.  Physical disturbances in the air, like the guttural sounds of our voices, become something more than just noise.  Music gives us hope.  It calms us at times.  It brings us joy.  It allows us to express our emotion whether we are musical or not.  It stirs memories of the past and of relationships/friendships that we have had.  It gives us an avenue of worship and praise from us to our God and allows us to share that awe with others.  It helps me to calm my daughter for sleep and talk with her about God.  It helps me better share with my wife how wide and deep my love for her is.  It helps me know who I am not, who I am, and who I need to be.


Sarah Koutz said...

I'm not sure what amazes me more, the fact that you found a way to wrap Hannah stories, Adam, God and the word guttural all in to one post OR the fact that you wrote a post at 3:25 in the morning!

Wally Lowman said...

Guttural didn't originate with me. I would love to take the credit for it, but I'm merely passing along Adam's descriptions and borrowing them for my own.

I may be old, but I still have some stamina!

Bill Wagner said...

What a wonderful post Wally. We can see the music in your soul every time we see you play and sing. There are a lot of things in this life I can live without.... I don't have to have a TV or a boat or motorcycle, but I could not live a day without music. Keep up the wonderful musical ministry you are living, and may you always have your love of music.

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