December 20, 2008

Only in Michigan

Today, my girls and I went out for a little Christmas shopping. That's what happens when you take forever to make decisions about what it is you are going to buy for people. It was an adventure, let me tell you. It started out with trying to get out of my driveway. Since moving, we aren't blessed to live on a major road that gets plowed first. Now we live on a culdsac. That means, it must snow 100 feet before they will come and plow our road, and even then they'll wait till they have plowed everyone else's and save ours for last. It took us a few moments to bounce from one rut to the next and a lot of snow pushing by the front of my car before we got out our subdivision.

The crowds weren't too bad as we shopped until you got to the checkout counters. Then there were lines. Luckily, we were able to navigate to the shortest line and keep our shopping pain down. The funniest part to me was at Walmart. As we were standing in line I looked over to my left. There were at least 5 people in camo in line. Only in MI will you see more camo in the checkout lines at Walmart during Christmas than other shoppers. Only in MI. . .

Below is one of the cartoons I read today. It won't be funny to most of you I would guess. The kid in the picture had to be from MI.

December 18, 2008

A Widget Test

I found a new widget for my mac today. It allows me to post to my blog from my dashboard without logging in. I'm testing it out right now.

Widgets are interesting things. They make my life easier, always being there in the top right hand corner of my desktop, keeping me posted on my calendar, the weather, and my gmail.

It would be nice if this worked. I doubt it will though, because it won't put the right font in the right size, and it will put and extra space between the last part of my post and the comments line.

I know, I have issues. I have a lot of issues. Everything has to be just the way it has to be. That's why I'm looking forward to rearranging my office over the holidays. . .

You see, my office has been the same setup for a year. Its time for a change. I thought about rearranging about a month ago and it has been haunting me ever since. Lucky for me I have a little disipline to actually do my work. Otherwise, I would have already moved things around.

Ok. I think it's time for bed. Enough rambling and testing.

December 1, 2008

Snow Goons and the Grinch

Well. Tonight Hannah and I got to play in the first good snow of the season. It was a lot of fun. There's nothing better than hearing a 5 year old screaming and giggling in delight as she is pelted by snow balls. It never gets old to her. She would still be out there if I would have let her stay out. It was good snow too--the kind that crunches under you when you walk on it. It was perfect snow ball snow. Unfortunately, it wasn't good snowman snow. I could get it to roll up a little, but then when you went to pack it, it would shatter into chunks. So, rather than a nice big, perfect looking snowman in our footprint littered front lawn, we have a short, stubbing looking snow goon. He looks like one of the creatures that Calvin and Hobbes would make.

Now, after some hot chocolate and some Earl Gray Tea, I'm journaling and blogging while my girls snuggle in the living room and watch the Grinch. Tomorrow we may put up the tree. Well, Steph and Hannah will put up the tree. I may help with the lights if they frustrate my wife, but I stay out of the way of everything else. I'll snuggle into the couch with my granny blanket, marvel at my girls putting the tree up, and throw in White Christmas to fill in the gaps. It will be a great evening as it always is every year.

I hope and pray your Christmas preparations are bringing you much joy!