June 30, 2008

Pray For My Mom, Please

My mom has been admitted to the hospital again. She was in a few days ago with bronchitis and so on. They discovered that she has not one, but all three types of mono, plus the bronchitis. And, now she has fluid in her lungs. They've put her on meds and are calling in the cardiologist.

If you knew my mom, or my family for that matter, you would know that going into the hospital is something that doesn't happen often at all. Only when you are really, really, really sick.

Please pray for her healing. Please pray that her siblings will rally around her the next day or two as they deal with the fluid in her lungs. Pray for my father, that he will care for my mom the next month or two as she rests and deals with the mono. (That will be a challenging thing for my father). Pray that my siblings are a support. We're a really close knit family. Its really hitting all of us fairly hard. Mom's the rock. She doesn't get sick.

Also pray for my girls. Hannah is in Ohio with Steph's parents. Steph is away with our high schoolers at CIY. I'm home alone, working on the house and working on work . . . missing my girls tremendously tonight, and hurting for my mom.


June 9, 2008

Moving Day / 13 Year Anniversary

Wow. Have I lost track of time. I haven't posted in months. The house is mostly done now. I'm sure we'll get some before and after pics up sometime after camp next week. We've weathered almost 2 1/2 months of remodeling now. Things have turned out really well.

Tomorrow is moving day. I wouldn't have guessed when we started the project back at Easter that we wouldn't be moving till June. I thought it would have went quicker. Oh well. What a better way to celebrate our 13th anniversary of marriage, right?

So, tomorrow night around 6:00pm, come on over to the farmhouse and celebrate our anniversary with us! You may be asked to help move some boxes, or a couch. You might even get the chance to throw a queen sized box spring out a second story window. Wouldn't that be great?

In other news, Hannah Grace is again on the Canfield Jenkins blog. She was the flower girl in our friends' wedding. Jackie has managed once again to catch all of Hannah's beauty and innocence and then some with the camera lens. Go check it out!